Secondary Colors
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Presentation @ Up2date
date: 18 august - 17 september 2006
type: installation
location: Electron, Breda the Netherlands
description: In an ongoing investigation of reduction of computercode, the internet and color I registered in 2004 the domainnames, and These names that stand for the hexdecimal html colorcodes of yellow, magenta and cyan were in the beginning presented as a triptych of 3 browserwindows. In 2006 they were first presented as huge monumental projections at the show up2date at Electron, Breda.

Presentation @ www
secondary colors screencapture
date: 14 june 2004
type: html
description: triptych of 3 browser windows showing the domainnames, and which stand for the secondary hexadecimal html colors.
update 14 august 2007: Pop-up windows are more and more used by advertising companies and hackers for this reason these type of windows are nowadays standard blocked by most browsers, besides that anti- virus software is sometimes recognizing pop-up scripts as a virus. For those reasons I took away the special script that was used to open the 3 webpages next to each other, and made a screenshot of the work. Click on picture above for screenshot 1920x1200. The script is available at request.