name: objekt_14 (build 2314)
description: url based audio visual engine
platform: win98/winme/win2000/winxp
browser: msie 5+
plugin: macromedia shockwave 8.5
version history: build 714 (nov 2000), build 748 (jan 2001), 
build 1114 (feb 2001), build 2114 (dec 2001)

changes: objekt_14 can now import soundfiles larger than 48 kb.
mp3 support is out. because of various sample rates mp3 caused 
objekt_14 to crash. 

bug fixes: import bug (import of files should now be stable), 
sample manipulation (should now be stable/ crash free)

known issues: objekt_14 supports the standard PCM WAV file format. 
There are several varieties of WAV file formats. Non-supported 
WAV file formats include: CCITT A-Law, CCITT u-Law, DSP Group 
TrueSpeech(TM), elemediaTM AX2400P music codec, IMA ADPCM,
Microsoft ADPCM, MSN Audio and GSM 6.10. 

objekt_14 (net based version) objekt_14 (mac standalone) objekt_14 (win standalone) manual