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whois history: http://www.wtlug.org/~pepper/whois.shtml
history and explanation of the use of the whois (domainownership) protocol
whois.sc: http://www.whois.sc
the largest and fasted whois searchengine
Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Non-Profit organisation that deals with politics of domainnames. It is this organisation that deals with introduction of new extensions like dot info or dot xxx. ICANNWATCH: ICANNWATCH.ORG
monitors and tracks the actions of ICANN and global domain name policy.
ICANN description (wikipedia): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ICANN
some brief info about ICANN and where the non-profit organisation (politically) stands.
registrars: registrarstats.com
domainnames need to be registered, this site has links and shows stats of the largest registars in the world

domain squatter strategies
Create Income With Expired Domain Traffic - Ken Johar: sitepoint.com/print/expired-domain-traffic
simple explanation how Pay Per Click (PPC) works
Ip2 Domain Names Strategy: ip2.com
building residual Income with domain names
an ordinary domain name cycle (2005) - Peter Luining: scheme
scheme of lifecycle of domain name

ultsearch: google schmoogle
ultsearch (has been known to go under the alias Yun Ye) is an icon. He’s a legend in his own right—yet he’s also a vague apparition whom no one really knows about. His concept is simple: Pillage and plunder the net, one site at a time. And so far, it’s working… to the tune of six-figures… per day. In february 2005 ultsearch (aka Name Development Ltd.) sold over 100.000 domainnames to internet marketing firm Marchex Inc. for $164.2 million.

advertise on google
google adwords: adwords.google.com
ad words to google searchengine

ads for sites with content
google adsense: adsense.google.com
ad google adds to your website
clicksor : clicksor.com
bidevisor : bidevisor.com
adbright : adbright.com
adengage : adengage.com

domainparking (ads for sites without content)
sedo: sedo.com
The biggest domainparking/ domain realestate company
revenuepilot: revenuepilot.com
fabulous : fabulous.com
bidvertiser : bidvertiser.com
netstumble : netstumble.com
see Demo
flishess : flishess.com
see Demo username = test & password = demo
flishess.com/google.htm - Google Vs Flishess
fastclick : fastclick.com
domainSponsor : DomainSponsor.com

payperclicksearchengines : payperclicksearchengines.com
659 Pay Per Click (PPC) searchengines reviewed
payperclickanalyst : payperclickanalyst
Pay Per Click (PPC) searchengines reviews, articles and news

domain name auctions
catched expired domains
pool: pool.com
one of the largest expired domain catchers
snapnames: snapnames.com
another large domain catcher auction

non expired domains (old style virtual real estate business)
sedo: sedo.com
One of the largest expired domain catchers
afternic: afternic.com
Another large domain catcher auction
greatdomains: greatdomains.com
One of the largest expired domain catchers
ebay.com: ebay.com
Another large domain catcher auction

non expired domains - wholesale (old style virtual real estate business)
namepros.com: namepros.com/forumdisplay

weekly updated results of the highest domainsales
domainsales: dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm
highest (published) domain sales of all time
domainfood: domainfood.com/highest.htm

domain squatters forums
DomainState: http://www.domainstate.com
is moderated by 3 veterans and highly respected domain industry professionals and has attracted more than 1,000 members.
Domain Name Forum: http://www.dnforum.com
a membership fee is required to post in and view some threads at this busy venue for domain pros.
NamePros.com: http://www.NamePros.com
a domain name forum headed by website developer Ron James. In addition to the well-known domainers who frequent all of the major forums, NamePros attracts many new faces you might not see elsewhere.
NameClub (Arab Domain Forum): http://www.nameclub.com
Arabic language forum operated by Thunayan K. AL-Ghanim's Future Media Architects. FMA's involvement guarantees a quality online community for the rapidly growing Middle Eastern domain industry.
NameMatters.com: http://www.NameMatters.com
a fast-growing new domain name forum.
WebsiteTalk.com: http://www.WebsiteTalk.com
a forum that has a special emphasis on website development. Domain names receive plenty of attention on the site, but forum owner Robin Freeman looks beyond the foundation provided by a good name and leads discussions on how to build a solid framework on that foundation.
Tasjeel.com: http://www.Tasjeel.com
Arabic language domain name forum serving the large and active community of Arabic-speaking domain buyers and sellers.
DN Community: http://www.dncommunity.com
DN Community is the latest domain forum to throw their hat in the ring. That space has gotten very crowded but they attracted several hundred members in their opening months of operation.


whois scraper
name: whois scraper
date: 20 june 2005
type: mass whois script
description: As first part of DNvorscher software a script was developed that could do mass whois queries. this script searches all whois data of 2 and 3 character domainnames with .com, .net and .org extension.
programmer: tsila hassine
whois script: source (python)
3 letter script: source (python)

name: whois2database
date: 20 june 2005
type: whois2database script
description: As 2nd part of DNvorscher software a script was developed that could put the whois data in a searchable database
programmer: tsila hassine
script: source (python)

static interactive flash map
name: static interactive flash map
date: 20 june 2005
type: flash projector
description: As 3nd part of DNvorscher software the data from the database were used to create a abstract map that gives a picture who domain squatters with non-sites started to dominate the landscape of the internet.
programmers: tsila hassine/ peter luining
flash projector: DNvorscher v. 0.9
script: source (python)

flash projector ownership
name: flash projector ownership
date: 20 june 2005
type: tutorial
description: Flash and Director files compiled into a projector (exe file) become automatical property of Macromedia. This short tutorial shows how to set the ownership back to the rightful owner.
author: peter luining
tutorial: flash projector ownership

time's up! bitbull expired screensaver at runme.org
splash engines