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What you can find on this site are open source software tools aimed at domain-name mapping. There is a large and increasing number of websites that are essentially fake directories. They are pushed high up the search engine rankings in response to popular keywords and then earn money for their owners from the click-through to other sites. This is an important but hardly recognized change in the internet landscape. It is estimated nearly 20% of all dot-com domains are in the hands of so called domain-squatters. The majority of these use them to make money with by getting click-through payments. The key point of understanding is that the domain business is hardly anymore about the trade of virtual real estate but all about traffic.

To have an understanding of this business and the way it's changing the character of the net is to have an understanding of what I call "an ordinary domain-name cycle". This is, in one sentence: 1. a domain-name gets registered 2. a website for this domain-name is developed 3. the domain-name gets visitors (traffic) 4. for some reason the domain-name isn't paid for and gets deleted 4. when it's deleted it's caught by domain-catchers (companies that reregister the domains as soon as they get available) 5. the domain-catchers start to auction the names as soon as they get them 6. the winners of the auctions turn them into sites where people should click so they earn him/ her money.

Alongside the software tools you can find writings and links about the domain-name business under the link essentials on this site.

DNvorscher.org is a project in progress and where possible it will comment on the latest developments in the domain business.

Important: this is an offline version, please visit http://www.dnvorscher.org for updated info, loads of extra links and software downloads.