100 windows info
Aware of the decline of pop-up window art caused by the widespread use of pop-up blockers* (Windows XP has even default a pop-up blocker installed) Peter luining developed a piece of standalone software that auto rotates 100 pop-up windows. To give the program a special touch Luining programmed it so that it uses the internal speaker on the PC Motherboard to make a beep every time a window pops up. In other words no soundcard is needed to enjoy the sound of this piece.

*A pop-up blocker (sometimes called a pop-up killer) is a program that prevents pop-ups from displaying in a user's Web browser. Pop-ups are amongst others used by advertising agencies to display advertisements. On the more aggressive side pop-ups are used to force people into downloading spyware. The majority of web users experience pop-ups as extremely annoying.

download: 100 windows (7 kb zip file)